We are here to serve YOU -- The Great American Hemp Farmer. 

A new generation of agricultural entrepreneurs leading the hemp industry.

Navigating legislation, regulations, genetics, harvesting and processing options is outright daunting, not to mention costly,  particularly when mistakes are made. This is where the Hemp Farmers Association (HFA) comes in -- advising hemp farmers on established best practices from seed to sale.

Our role is to help you determine your immediate business needs, preventing costly missteps. 

We support you every step of the way by teaching you to ask the right questions as you formulate your long term business model such as:

  • What type of hemp crop is best for my business goals? (CBD, Fiber, Food)

  • What are the established best practices for year-over-year success?

  • How do I assure my crop meets State/Federal regulations?

  • Where do I sell my material and what pitfalls do I need to be aware of?

  • What are the dos/donts of farming, harvest, and brokerage contracts?

As a member of the HFA, you will have access to:

  • Free One-on-one 1 - hour phone advisory session - Receive project plan

  • Access to our vast network of Industry professional experts and sales outlets

  • Access to our library of genetics

  • Member only newsletters

  • Weekly email updates

  • Additional 1 - hour and ½ hour phone consulting discounts


The Hemp Farmers Association will hosting webinars, conference calls and onsite farming learning expos on a regular basis to assist hemp farmers across the country learn the best hemp growing practices along with market and contract navigation.  


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