The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA), under the installment of Senate Bills 305 and 396, provides producers the opportunity to engage in industrial hemp research and development pilot programs. The NDA exists to support farmers' interests and encourages a sustainable commodity that can benefit the Nevada economy in any sector. The NDA commitment to the industrial hemp program is strictly one of oversight and enforcement of all state and federal regulations. NDA personnel work in conjunction with producers to ensure that all trials will be conducted according to regulatory requirements. This entails providing multiple inspections per year on each pilot program project, and working closely with producers in order to achieve harvest of a viable crop that can be utilized in a research/development fashion in order to encourage sustainable growth of industrial hemp in Nevada




a. That any information obtained by the Department may be publicly disclosed and provided to law enforcement agencies without further notice to the applicant/registrant.
b. That the Department may inspect and sample as the Department deems necessary and will have unrestricted access to all plant parts used for processing, cultivation or in storage.
c. A law enforcement background check will be obtained if deemed necessary.
d. The applicant cannot have any variant of a criminal record related to possession, production, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance within 5 years of the date of application.
e. Intended research purposes must fit approval by Department personnel prior to clearance for production.
f. A complete application form must be submitted to the Department prior to handling industrial hemp in any form (seed/clones/tissue cultures/biomass).





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