As the department works to develop and implement a program for regulating industrial hemp in Oregon, it is our goal that this program provides assurance of compliance to state laws, continued good health, safety, and welfare to Oregon’s citizens, while providing yet another opportunity for Oregon agriculture to grow. 



Or. Rev. Stat § 571.300 to § 571.315 (2016)

Allows individuals registered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to grow hemp for commercial purposes. Oregon requires growers who produce hemp seeds capable of germination to register with the Oregon Department of Agriculture if they intend to sell seeds. Growers who wish to retain seeds do not need to register as a seed producer. Growers and handlers who intend to sell or distribute seeds must be licensed as seed producers.




Applications for annual registration



The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is now accepting applications for the 2018 annual registration to grow and handle industrial hemp. 

A registration is needed for growing or handling industrial hemp. An additional registration is needed for those wishing to produce or handle agricultural hemp seed. 


  • Grower registration fee: $1,300

  • Handler registration fee: $1,300

  • Agricultural hemp seed production registration fee:  $120



      The agricultural hemp seed production registration must accompany either a grower or handler registration. 



Please note: Industrial hemp registration applications submitted with complete and accurate information can take as long as four weeks to process. Applications containing incomplete or inaccurate information can take longer.






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