The 2018 Utah Legislature passed several bills involving cannabis, The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is the agency responsible for implementing and enforcing many of the new cannabis-related laws.  The information on this page and links to other pages and documents relate to the new laws and the rulemaking process. As this process continues there will be opportunities for stakeholder and general public input. Please visit this page periodically for updates.

The Laws

HB302- Cultivation of Industrial Hemp

  • Individuals will be able to cultivate and process industrial hemp if they are licensed by the Department.

  • Individuals will be able market industrial hemp and industrial hemp products provided the products have been registered by the Department


  • Currently, the Department has a rule in place to allow for the growth of industrial hemp by the Department and Universities.  These rules will be expanded to include individuals and companies as well as to regulate the processing and marketing of products.

SB130- Cannabadiol Products

  • Cannabadiol (CBD) products are currently being sold around the state of Utah.  The Department does not intend to interrupt the market; however, the Department is going to take a role in ensuring that products being sold are free from harmful substances and are labeled accurately to ensure consumers are accurately informed.

  • It is not the intent of the legislation, nor of the Department, to limit access to CBD product to pharmacies; however, the Department is tasked with requesting a DEA exemption to allow CBD to be sold in pharmacies.  

  • The Department anticipates developing a registration system for CBD products. We will work with manufactures and distributors of CBD products to help them understand any regulations.

HB197- Cannabis Cultivation Amendments

  • The Department is allowed to grow and process cannabis for patients that meet the qualification of HB 195 and for those that are participating in a study conducted by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The legislation does not allow for individuals to grow marijuana on their own.

  • The Department may contract with a third party to grow and process the cannabis. If the Department contracts with a third party the Department will award that contract through the state procurement process.  






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